Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter O

Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter OHere is the list of Croatian surnames or family names that begin with the letter O (pronounced /o/). By clicking letters of the alphabet on the right side of the screen, you can access other surnames. You can access more information about each surname by clicking on a particular surname listed on the right side of the screen or by choosing a surname (family name) from the drop down menu:

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9 Responses

  1. Letty
    Letty / 4-11-2014 / ·

    I have many Ozanic (maybe with a symbol on top)from Kuzelj Parish. Will you please add this name with the correct spelling?
    Thank you

  2. mary
    mary / 5-24-2014 / ·

    Is surname ‘OMASITS’ croation?
    In southern Burganland Austria I find many names ending in ‘ITS’ and wonder if these are Croation names?
    Thank you.

  3. robert ozvald
    robert ozvald / 8-30-2014 / ·

    The surname Ozvald has been in the zagorija region north of zagreb for hundreds of years.

  4. Maruja Orhanovic
    Maruja Orhanovic / 9-2-2014 / ·

    I wish to know more about my family surname, Orhanovic, from Dalmatia. And of
    Bibica., also my grand mothers surname..Thank you.

  5. CJ Henderson
    CJ Henderson / 6-21-2019 / ·

    My Family’s last name was Osaben, sometimes spelled Osben or Oshben. Any info about them?

  6. Duane Brown
    Duane Brown / 7-10-2019 / ·


    I recently learned that the above surname might be Croatian, and from the Radinci Mali village which I’m informed is located east of Ruma. Anyone have any information on this?

    Thank you

  7. Stephen Despot
    Stephen Despot / 8-20-2019 / ·

    My family was from Sotin, Croatia, from 1865 until the majority of them migrated out in the early 1900’s. A lot did still stay though. Their names were Szivak and Deszpoth (or Despot as I have seen it spelled in some books). Originally from Bacs-Bodrog, Hungary. My 3rd great grandparents, Istvan (Stephanus) and Anna (Szivak) Deszpoth (Despot), stayed back along with some of her brothers and sisters. There were cousins with last names Odry there as well. I don’t see them here.

  8. CJ Henderson
    CJ Henderson / 8-9-2020 / ·

    My grandparents’ last names were Osaben (Osben) and Sercar. The town of Cabar has been discussed as a possibility of where they lived. Are these Croatian surnames?

  9. JP
    JP / 2-6-2021 / ·

    Very surprised not to find last name Ostroški on your list. They’ve been in Varazdin area from the 16th century, and still live there and other parts of Croatia (verified in online church records!).

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