Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter P

Croatian Surnames that begin with the letter PHere is the list of Croatian surnames or family names that begin with the letter P (pronounced /p/). By clicking letters of the alphabet on the right side of the screen, you can access other surnames. You can access more information about each surname by clicking on a particular surname listed on the right side of the screen or by choosing a surname (family name) from the drop down menu:

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  1. plevko
    plevko / 1-25-2015 / ·

    Does anyone no where my Croatian surname originated ?

  2. Hans Pancic
    Hans Pancic / 2-23-2015 / ·

    I Don’t see my surname on the list of research, “Pancic”

    1. Hans Pancic
      Hans Pancic / 2-23-2015 / ·

      pronounced PANCIĆ/Pancich

  3. Pamić
    Pamić / 4-17-2015 / ·

    Pamić is missing!!

  4. Tonya Perusich
    Tonya Perusich / 8-25-2015 / ·

    I am not finding my surname listed. Can you help?

  5. Mary Dettinger
    Mary Dettinger / 10-31-2015 / ·

    I’m having trouble tracing my grandfather, Paul Martin Pemper, from Ledenice,Croatia. He was very proud to be Croatian. I wish I had asked more questions when I was a kid.

  6. Kellee
    Kellee / 12-5-2015 / ·

    Different Crafts: Juglans spp.

  7. Laurallives2017
    Laurallives2017 / 12-7-2015 / ·


    Looking for help finding any information and/or any contacts regarding name of PAYERLE I understand that a sister and two brothers left southwestern Germany (Baden Wurttemberg) in the 1740s to move to Baranja, Croatia. from Apatin and Osejik. They lived the New York including the Bronx. Some of my father’s siblings were Anna Charles,Stephen. Planning a trip to Croatia in 2016. Thank you!

  8. Christine
    Christine / 3-2-2016 / ·

    Prebeg is not on the list.

  9. Pustakica
    Pustakica / 3-9-2016 / ·

    Nema prezimena Pustak

  10. Rebecca Petranovic
    Rebecca Petranovic / 4-7-2016 / ·

    I AM THE Petranovic guru, I have been researching as many branches as I can fin records for. The Petranovic surname originated in Croatia. IT is not as old as alot of other surnames, but I personally believe it was change and Petra was the original version. The Petranovic people lived in numerous town acrossed Croatia. I have been translating 1859-1890 in the town of Delnice. The Petranovic individuals married Kezele, Plese, Tomac, Majnoric Mance and Cop. If you had family from Delnice during the time period above and have any questions, Just email me or reply here and I will try to help if I can. Rebecca Petranovich

  11. Josie
    Josie / 12-3-2016 / ·

    Nema prezimena Poje

  12. Mary Dettinger
    Mary Dettinger / 2-1-2017 / ·

    The name Pemper from Ledenice does not sound Croation but have been told there are many Pempers.

  13. Maxine Pivac
    Maxine Pivac / 9-26-2017 / ·


  14. Sue Hunt
    Sue Hunt / 2-10-2018 / ·

    Where is Perkovic?

  15. david
    david / 4-12-2018 / ·

    Hi I’m trying to trace the family name PRPIC/PRPICH all I know that they are from Senj. Can you help me please as to where they was living.



  16. George Mihaljevich
    George Mihaljevich / 8-9-2018 / ·

    Pijacun’s are from Sucuraj, Hvar.
    Please add.

  17. Emily
    Emily / 11-26-2018 / ·

    I’m looking for Pobar, from Vis, Croatia. The island was previously Lissa. I’m looking for John Pobar b. 1853-1854, who immigrated to the US in 1880. I am aware of a Pobar family from Volosco area that immigrated to Australia, but I don’t believe that is the immediate family I am searching for.

  18. Nicole Zupich
    Nicole Zupich / 1-20-2019 / ·

    The surname Plasaj is missing. They are mostly from Ozalj, from what I’ve researched.

  19. Nikolay Parkhomchuk
    Nikolay Parkhomchuk / 2-14-2019 / ·

    I think the last name Parkhomchuk should be on the list because I’m Croatian Serbian And Albanian and Parkhomchuk is not on the list of Croatian last names I have 64 percent Croatian and Serbian ethnicity plz list Parkhomchuk as a Croatian Serbian last name thank you I’m Zero percent Russian just 2 percent from Ukraine and Poland that’s nothing Parkhomchuk is also a Croatian Serbian last name

  20. Prohovich
    Prohovich / 3-12-2019 / ·

    My American surname is Provick, changed from Prohovich.

  21. Sunčana Puntarec-Pelesk
    Sunčana Puntarec-Pelesk / 6-25-2019 / ·

    Nedostaju vam mnoga hrvatska prezimena, poput Puntarec, a nema ni prezimena Šivak ni Pelesk, po kojima su čak nazvana i sela u Zagrebačkoj i Krapinsko-zagorskoj županiji. Provjerite i dodajte.

  22. Vicky P
    Vicky P / 4-19-2021 / ·

    Prizmić should be on this list. From Korćula

  23. K
    K / 7-2-2022 / ·

    Parazajder is also missing.

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