Croatian Surnames that begin with the letter R

Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter RHere is the list of Croatian surnames or family names that begin with the letter R (pronounced /r/). By clicking letters of the alphabet on the right side of the screen, you can access other surnames. You can access more information about each surname by clicking on a particular surname listed on the right side of the screen or by choosing a surname (family name) from the drop down menu:

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  1. Boris Yopo
    Boris Yopo / 8-22-2014 / ·

    Croatian Surname : JOPO (family that went from Venice to the city of Sibenik, in the 16th.century. Then established themselves in the island of Vis. The same surname in spanish is : YOPO, and in italian : GIOPPO .

    Boris Yopo.

  2. ivan radeka
    ivan radeka / 12-25-2014 / ·

    looking for info in family history ,unable to find in the list available

  3. Sheila Crosby
    Sheila Crosby / 4-29-2015 / ·

    HI, I am researching the name Rastovich (Rastovic). The first names: Josip (Joseph) and Mare.

  4. Linda Wilcoxon
    Linda Wilcoxon / 9-20-2015 / ·

    I am looking for my great grandparents whose name is not on the list. Anthony Rosko came to the USA in 1907. His wife Ceceila came in 1909. She did not go to school and could not read or write. Both spoke Croation and never became US citizens. They had a daughter Anna and some other children. ANY information would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Chris
    Chris / 6-3-2016 / ·

    Surname of Rep, also Repp – please include on the list

  6. Gordana Radinovic
    Gordana Radinovic / 2-8-2017 / ·


  7. Martin Reba
    Martin Reba / 2-18-2017 / ·

    REBA – Family history is has been pieces together, so it may not be complete. My great-grandfather with this surname grew up an orphan raised by his two brothers and spent some portion of his youth in modern day Austria. Conflicting family accounts put the family’s home in Croatia as either in the hills North of Zagreb, near the current border with Slovenia, or further South near the town of Smiljan (which was also the maiden name of my great-grandmother).

  8. Mark Rubeshaw
    Mark Rubeshaw / 1-1-2018 / ·

    Missing Our families last name Rubesa our family is from Kastav

  9. Trish Bennison
    Trish Bennison / 10-30-2018 / ·

    looking for information on grandparents, Mate and Ruza (Trlin) Radomiljac of Ravca. Mate Radomiljac was born 10.9.1877 and died 28.4.1955.Ruza Radomiljac born 3.7.1879 Ravca.
    His father Marko Radomiljac b. 17.4.1845 married Matija Nikolic 6.11.1870 Ravca
    Marko Radomiljac b. 1.3.1904 migrated to Australia 4.7.1927

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