Croatian Surnames that begin with the letter Z

Croatian Surnames that begin with the letter ZHere is the list of Croatian surnames or family names that begin with the letter Z (pronounced /z/). By clicking letters of the alphabet on the right side of the screen, you can access other surnames. You can access more information about each surname by clicking on a particular surname listed on the right side of the screen or by choosing a surname (family name) from the drop down menu:

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  1. Antonio Ziz
    Antonio Ziz / 6-18-2014 / ·

    Antonio Ziz married Maria Muscardini from Cres, Croatia. He had two sons: Antonio D. Ziz and George M. Ziz.
    George M. Ziz married Katherine (Katie) Stiglich and immigrated to America in 1882 and settled in Biloxi, Mississippi
    I need help with more information on family in Cres.
    Any help would be appreciated. George M. Ziz was my Great Grandfather

  2. Zagar
    Zagar / 10-14-2014 / ·

    Please, help me settle a family bet as to how to correctly pronounce the Croatian name Zagar. Thank you.

  3. Patricia VanAmburg
    Patricia VanAmburg / 1-8-2015 / ·

    My grandmother’s maiden name was Zagar. My father pronounced it with a hard Z and long A–but I think that was very Americanized.

  4. natalizia vidolich
    natalizia vidolich / 11-9-2018 / ·

    hi i am Maltese but my surname is Croatian ( vidolich ) it is spelled like this vidulic . i need to do some research about my family generation in Croatia and if we have relatives please any one can help me out

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