Croatian Female (Girls) Names that Begin with the Letter M

Croatian female girls names that begin with the letter MHere is the list of Croatian female or girls given names that begin with the letter M. The list can be found at the right side of the screen as well as at the bottom of the screen. Click on a particular female name and a new page with the information about that given name will be opened.

If you know a Croatian female name that begins with the letter M which is not included in the list, please, make a suggestion for inclusion by leaving your message in the comment section of this page. Thank you!

List of Croatian female (girls) given names that begin with the letter M:

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  1. XY
    XY / 11-27-2014 / ·

    Milica. Common name in Prigorje; there are more than 1000 females with that name in Zagreb.

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