Croatian Male (Boys) Given Names

manThe directory of Croatian Male (Boys) Given names can be very helpful in genealogy research. Vital records often contain different variants of the same name, so those variants can be checked against this list. And for those who look for a Croatian name for a newborn baby, the directory can offer great ideas.

The list of Croatian Male (Boys) Given Names have been sorted by the first letter. Click the letter, and the list will be shown on the screen.

If you find that we didn’t include a Croatian Female name in this directory, please, contact us. Post the name in the comment section, and we will be happy to include it.

Below is the short list of male names for each letter of alphabet. Click on the range and a new page devoted to that alphabetical male (boys) name range will open.

8 Responses

  1. George Kasnic
    George Kasnic / 8-25-2014 / ·

    Juraj also seems to be a common name, at least in my family.

  2. Nada Nazor
    Nada Nazor / 8-21-2015 / ·

    Where did the surname Nazor originate from?

  3. Alexis Dries
    Alexis Dries / 4-30-2016 / ·

    Is there a common name that shortens to Bozo for a male child?

  4. Dennis bechtel
    Dennis bechtel / 7-3-2016 / ·

    any body know anything about juzbasic family names

  5. Štefica rođ Sekulić udana Vajdić
    Štefica rođ Sekulić udana Vajdić / 2-28-2017 / ·

    Dear Mrs. Nazor,

    The first note (record) of the family Nazor occurs in Ložišće on the island of Brač whith marriage of Mr. conteIvan (Joanes-Domino conte Ioanus) Nazor from Poljica with Magdalena, daughter of Ante Antičević at 16. february, 1773. They had six children- Adriana,Oliva, Margarita, Ante, Petar and Stjepan.

  6. Gloria Cabernoch
    Gloria Cabernoch / 3-8-2017 / ·

    My friend’s grandmother Catarina Bezmalinovic come over on the S S France in 1913 from Broc (Brac) and listed her father’s name as Lybrami, or something to that effect. It’s very hard to read. Does this sound familiar?

  7. Tomislav
    Tomislav / 12-14-2017 / ·

    ovo nema nikakve veze s HR imenima!

  8. Patricia Nicolorich
    Patricia Nicolorich / 7-1-2020 / ·

    Busco el apellido Nicolorich

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