German vital records from Hrastovac

German vital records from Hrastovac available online

Little over 500 inhabitants of Hrastovac, a settlement near Croatian city of Garešnica, are today within Garešnica city limits.

Up until the end of the Second World War Hrastovac had been a vibrant society of twelve hundred, mostly inhabited by people of German nationality. Thus it’s alternate name Eichendorf.

As the World War was drawing to a close, most of the inhabitants were moved out to Germany.

But their vital records remained in the local parish. In the late 1980’s they were microfilmed and preserved. The following records have been transcribed into an electronic searchable form by Wally Schlegel and made available online:

Marriages from 1889 until January 1893
Inserted page of some female births in 1889-1890
Marriages 1869-May 1875
Marriages Feb. 1876-Jan. 1886
Marriages Feb. 1886-Dec. 1902
Hrastovac 1886-1902; Kapitanovopolje 1897-1900
Births April 1866-1889
Births 1890-1895
Births 1896-1902

Anyone interested in researching birth, marriage and death records of Hrastovac near Garešnica can find a link to those records in our Interesting links section.

Image: Hrastovac123, Wikimedia Commons