Herzegovian village of Hardomilje and it's clans

Herzegovian village of Hardomilje and it’s clans

Herzegovian vilage of Hardomilje situated at the northeastern corner of the Ljubuški municipality in Bosnia-Herzegovina was a subject of an interesting and quite thorough research of Hardomilje families and clans.

Vlado Pavičić, a researcher who looked into many historical documents, published the results of his research in the book “Hardomilje – history, peoples and customs” (“Hardomilje, prošlost, ljudi i običaji”).

Sources for the research

In his work, the author enumerates sources from which he drew data about the history of Hardomlje and it’s families and clans. One of the most important sources for genealogical research of the area are the records from the Catholic parish of Veljaci of which Hardomilje was a part during the 18th and early 19th century. The earliest available baptismal records for the Veljaci parish are from the year 1786, and marriage & death records from 1809. In 1855 the parish was divided and a new Humac parish was formed to which Hardomilje was joined. Records from then newly formed parish are also available today.

Another interesting sources of genealogical data not just for Hardomilje but for the whole Bosnia-Herzegovina are famous censuses of Catholics from the area between Sava and Neretva rivers performed by Franciscan friars Pavo Dragičević in 1741 to 1743 and Marijan Bogdanović in 1763.

Censuses during Ottoman rule

Sources also mentioned by Vlado Pavičić, but rarely used in the genealogical research of the Herzegovian area are the records of the administration of Ottoman Empire that ruled over the area for many centuries. The records are available in Porte archives in Istanbul, Turkey. Unfortunatelly, barely any of those documents are available in Croatian language, let alone any major world languages like English, French or German. Censuses in Bosnia-Herzegovina were performed by Ottoman rulers several times between 1468 and 1585.

Today, virtually all inhabitants of Hardomilje area consider themselves of Croatian nationality. The most prominent clans and family names are Bandur, Boras, Bubalo, Ćuže, Gadže, Grbavac, Ilić, Jelinić, Kravić, Mandić, Miloš, Rupčić and Vukšić.


Image: Skarabej.com