A new book published on the history of the noble Jelačić family

A new book published on the history of the noble Jelačić family

Pavao Maček, a prominent Croatian historian, introduced a new book “Noble clans of Jelačićs” (“Plemeniti rodovi Jelačića”) in Zaprešić City Hall on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010. The publisher of the book is Zagreb Archdiocese’s Historical Society (Društvo za povjesnicu Zagrebačke nadbiskupije).

Count Josip Jelačić of Buzim (also spelled Jelacic, Jelachich), born in 1801, was a famous Croatian politician and military leader. He is regarded as one of the key figures in Croatian history, who gained his prominence as defender of the Habsburg crown during the turbulent revolutionary years 1848-49. By helping Habsburgs to remain in power, he also helped Croatia to become more recognized political factor within Austro-Hungarian empire.

Interesting new discoveries

Jelacic Family Genealogy BookThe author of the book offers a detailed history of Jelačić family, together with biographies and genealogical information about nearly 750 members of the Jelačić clan. Some interesting new discoveries are presented in the book, including historical data on the roots of Jelačić family.

The author carefully numbers all branches of the clan, including the main Prigorje branch with Laduč and Hrastina offshots, Pušča branch, Buzin branch with Gubaševo, Gornje Zagorje, Ratkovec and Breznički Hum offshots, Krapina branch as well as Tuhelj and Bišević branches.

The book has more than thousand pages, and is published in hard cover.