Paver Gledec Book Pred zagonetkom obiteljskog stabla

Great resource for beginners in Croatian genealogy

Book title: Pred zagonetkom obiteljskog stabla
Authors: Mladen Paver & Gordan Gledec
Language, cover: Croatian, hard cover
Title in English: Facing the riddle of family tree
Publisher: Matis d.o.o, Pregrada, 2009.
No. of pages: 216
ISBN: 978-953-7349-08-0
Price: 18 EUR, 27 USD

First of it’s kind, this book is a perfect starting point for all those who would like to devote their time to research their Croatian ancestry, but don’t know where to begin. Authors tell a story of their own quest for data about their deceased relatives, which is a wonderful way to instruct and to inspire those who desire to do the same.