Tomić: 13th Most Common Croatian Family Name

Frequency in Croatian population: 9.538 (13th Most Frequent)

Tomić surname has the common name Tomo in it’s root, which comes from aramaic Thoma meaning “twin brother”. Greek variant of this common name is Thomas, and latin Tomas or Toma. One has to bear in mind that another similar word of a different meaning can also be a root for this and some other surname variants. It is the Old Croatian word tomiti (to attentuate, stiffle, smother) from which a very common name Tomislav had derived.

Persons with this family name is typically of a Croatian ethincity. Historical sources tell that they came from four different areas: Middle Bosnia, Kosovo Polje (Kosovo), Bosnian city of Tomislavgrad or Croatian city of Imotski. There are also some Serbs that bear this surname (from Ogulin area).

Geography. Kakanj municipality in Bosnia-Herzegovina is the place where one in every fifty residents bear the Tomić surname. Since mid 20th century, number of persons with this surname has doubled.

(Sources: Petar Šimunović, Hrvatska prezimena, Golden Marketing-Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb, 2006; Enciklopedija hrvatskih prezimena, Nacionalni rodoslovni centar, 2008)

1. Horvat /horvat/ (22.225)2. Kovačević /kovachevich/ (15835)
3. Babić /babich/ (13.150)4. Marić /marich/ (11.617)
5. Novak /nowak/ (11.396)6. Jurić /jurich/ (11.356)
7. Kovačić /kovachich/ (11.171)8. Vuković /vukovich/ (10.582)
9. Knežević /knezhevich/ (10.554)10. Marković /markovich/ (10.074)
11. Petrović /petrovich/ (9.957)12. Matić /matich/ (9.960)
13. Tomić /tomich/ (9.538)14. Kovač /kovach/ (8.997)
15. Pavlović /pavlovich/ (8.759)16. Božić /bozhich/ (8.258)
17. Blažević /blazhevich/ (8.152)18. Grgić /grgich/ (8.010)
19. Pavić /pavich/ (7.538)20. Radić /radich/ (7.406)