Croatian Names

Wikmedia CommonsHere is the resource important for every genealogist that researches Croatian Family History. The following web pages can also be of an interest to those who simply want to know more about the meaning of their Croatian given name or surname.

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  1. esteban jokic
    esteban jokic / 1-16-2014 / ·

    need to find the Tokic family in Zadar Croatia

  2. Claudia Rainey
    Claudia Rainey / 2-16-2014 / ·

    I am curious about the origin of the name Stanfel – my husband thinks it may be a corruption of another Croatian name. Anyone know about the origins of it?

  3. Andrew Vuljanic
    Andrew Vuljanic / 8-22-2014 / ·

    Great Grandfather cam to usa . looking for Vuljanic.

  4. Barbara parish
    Barbara parish / 1-12-2015 / ·

    My father’s name was juraj jakin. I would
    Like to know the origin of this name. When he came to America
    They changed the j in jakin to Yakin. Any info would help.

  5. Susan Nolan
    Susan Nolan / 3-26-2015 / ·

    I am doing research on Joseph Sakatsitz (How his name shows up on several forms in the US from 1901 into the 30s when he shortened to Saks. I did see an early spelling Sakasits as well. I know he came from Burgerland which in 1901 was Hungarian territory at the time. I see some alternative spellings like Szokatsis, Sczaczs too. Anyway, trying to figure out where the family came from. Looks like Josephs parents are Stephan and Anna probably from Ubersdorf Austria. I don’t think our name is German. With a bit of research it must be either Hungarian, maybe Polish, or maybe Croatian?

    1. davorin
      davorin / 10-29-2015 / ·

      Szokats is way or spelling before 1850 and is name for Croatians from North East part of Croatia. Modern way is Sokac. That area is known as Slavonija in Croatian language. Szokatsis would be something like son of Szokats (Sokac).

  6. Jill Skradski Novotny
    Jill Skradski Novotny / 5-1-2015 / ·

    My paternal side has the surname of Skradski. And are from Croatia. Just wondering if it is a Croatian name. I didn’t see it on the surname list. Also, if it’s not a Croatian name, might it be a form of another name? It was spelled with a y also.

  7. Rose-Marie Kranjcevic
    Rose-Marie Kranjcevic / 8-19-2015 / ·

    Looking for relatives of Kranjcevic family, originally from Lichko Lescko or Otatac, Croatia. My father was born in l903 and emigrated to Canada in l927. He had 3 sisters and one brother, Milan, who would now be in his late 80’s and possibly living in Krapina. Milan had one daughter that we know, her name being Tifania . An info would be appreciated

  8. Borut Senker
    Borut Senker / 9-6-2015 / ·

    My surname is Senker can I find my origin and family

  9. Damian Arlo Branica
    Damian Arlo Branica / 12-10-2015 / ·

    Hi, I’m looking to find out anything about the name Branica from Zlarin. My name is Damian. My Father was Frank. He was born in the US. My Granfather Frank and Granmother Anna Fritz Branica. I think her maiden name was Fritz. My GF fought for the Austrians in WW1. Then for the US in WW2. I’m 41. All of my family is dead.Dad died when I was 12. I didnt know my mother. She left when I was 1 yrs old. She just died in a fire. It sounds horrible right? Anyway, any help about Branica from Zlarin would so appreciated.

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