Croatian surnames in USA

Croatian surnames in the United States of America

Many if not most of Croatians that had emmigrated to the US during the latter part of the 19th century came to that country without…

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New Book on Croatian Genealogy

New book on genealogy in Croatian language

(18 August 2009) A new book on Croatian genealogy, “Facing the riddle of family tree – a handbook for exploration of family genealogy” authored by…

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Oldest Croatian Names

Višeslav, Godečaj, Mutimir & Branimir: The oldest Croatian names

Croatian sovereigns from early 9th century were wise enough to write some of their names in artifacts of stone. That’s how we know today that…

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Croatian Special Letters Diacritical

Eight Croatian letters that English doesn’t recognize

It is a known fact that Croats use Latin alphabet in their writings, but it is important for a genealogist to know and understand some…

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Croatian Diacritic Marks

Diacritic marks make a difference

Two most common obstacles in researching Croatian genealogy among Americans of Croatian origin can be easily avoided if we know how surnames have changed as…

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Croatian Names

Almost two thousand given names

As of today (27 July 2009), visitors of our web site have at their disposal a directory of almost two thousand Croatian given (first) names,…

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Croatian names and alternatives

When Josip becomes Giuseppe

Territory that is now under jurisdiction of the Republic of Croatia was in the past divided into several different dominions: Italian, Austrian (German), Hungarian… Those…

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