Croatian Genealogy Research Tutorial

Tutorials on how to read old records

As we browsed through the web looking for resources that may be interesting to those who research Croatian genealogy, we encountered a great tutorial prepared…

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Croatian White Pages (Phone Directory)

Brand new Croatian Phone directory on-line

One of the greatest resources for Croatian genealogy researchers, Croatian On-line Phone directory (Telefonski imenik) has been recently thoroughly redesigned and updated. The biggest change…

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Međimurje Baranja

Croatian vital records in Hungarian language

Croatian complex history can sometimes confuse a devoted genealogist. On teritories where Croatians live for centuries, including those teritories that are part of today’s Republic…

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Croatian Genealogy Research

How to start searching for your Croatian ancestors

You may be having Croatian ancestry, but you know very little about them. You want to know more, but you don’t know how to start….

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Žumberak Genealogy Research

Croatian Žumberak as a destination for Family History Research

A lightly inhabited teritory at the Northwest part of Croatia, žumberak is interesting for family history & genealogy research in many aspects, primarily because of…

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Croatian Surnames

When did Croats get their surnames?

Scholars agree that Croatians began to add permanent surnames to their first names earlier than most other Slavic nations, particularly Serbs, Montenegrins and Macedonians. This…

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