Genealogical software for Croatian Genealogy

Genealogy software that supports Croatian letters

One of the most convenient ways to gather and organize data about our ancestry is to put the data in the computer format, so that it can be easily exchanged with other genealogists, but also, if necessary, updated and corrected.

Currently, there are about a dozen different genealogy software packages available for devoted genealogist to choose. Some of them are free, others are shareware (their authors require you to pay for their usage).

As you make considerations which of those software packages to use for organizing data about your family originating from Croatia, you have to keep in mind that:

many surnames in Croatia have special Croatian diacritical letters in their spelling (č, ć, đ, š, ž) which got transformed to more convenient English spelling among immigrants to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; however, if you look for your ancestry in Croatia, you would probably want to preserve the original spelling
some genealogy software packages support special Croatian diacriticial letters, others do not

Here we list some of the most frequently used genealogy software packages and their capabilities.

Among beginners, Rootsmagic and Family Tree Maker are probably most often used genealogy software packages. According the new book on Croatian genealogy “Facing the Riddle of Family Tree” (available only in Croatian), Family Tree Maker is the most popular genealogy software among Croatian genealogists. It does support Croatian special letters. Rootsmagic also supports them. However, there are reporterdly some problems with special Croatian letters when genealogical files in GEDCOM format are imported into Rootsmagic.

Ancestral Quest and Personal Ancestral File have the similar origin, but the latter one is free of charge whereas the former is a shareware. Both programs support special Croatian letters, on screen and in printing reports.

Brother’s Keeper and Legacy Family Tree are software packages that should probably not be used if you have Croatian ancestry, since they don’t support Croatian diacritical letters.

And finally, GenoPro is a genealogy software that has some unique features, and is also the only software not just supporting Croatian letters, but is also translated into Croatian language.

Image: Almonroth, Wikimedia Commons