Lidija Sambunjak, professional genealogist

Quality time with an expert

From January 15th, 2010, Lidija Sambunjak is joining the Croatian Genealogy & Family History team as a columnist

Probably the best way how to learn to do our own genealogy is to watch other, more experienced genealogists doing the job, and then emulate them.

If we follow their example, we can be enriched with invaluable gems of information and wisdom which will help us in our endeavors to find out more about our ancestry.

Lidija Sambunjak, a prominent genealogist specialized for areas of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina & Serbia, joins our team at the Croatian Genealogy & Family History web site. She will be regularly posting a column (or, better said, a blog, since we are on the internet) about her day-to-day research activities.

Efficient building of the family tree

In her entries, you will find out where and how she searches for genealogical data, what problems she faces and how she solves them. As she does the research for her customers, she will be able to give advices to visitors of our web site on how to be most efficient in building your family tree, particularly if your ancestors come from areas of former Yugoslavia.

We are excited to have Mrs. Sambunjak on board, and we hope you will enjoy her wisdom, benefit from her experience, and learn from her wealth of knowledge she gained over many years working as a professional genealogist.