Sources for the family history research in the Ogulin area

Sources for the family history research in the Ogulin area

Ogulin GenealogySources for the family history research of the area in the vicinity of Croatian city of Ogulin are quite rich.

Besides the birth, marriage and death records (matične knjige rođenih, vjenčanih i umrilih) that can be found in Croatian State Archive as well as some of the local Catholic parishes, there are quite a few well researched historical resources dated back to the 15th century.

Urbar from Modruša

The first of those sources is known as Urbar from Modruša (Modruški urbar) written in glagolitic alphabet and originated from the year 1486. It hasn’t been preserved in it’s original form.

Instead, it’s copies in latinic alphabet made in the late 17th century is what we have today. Nevertheless, it is a valuable document about social state of affairs in the area that coprises settlements betwen today’s Severin and Lukovdol on the North and Saborsko as the southernmost point.

It states complete names of all peasants under the count Bernardin Frankopan, who ordered the creation of the document. Unfortunatelly, it doesn’t mention peasants under the Modruša Catholic Bishop nor freemen that lived in the area.

Frankopan Castle in Ogulin

The Urbar from Modruša it indirectly mentiones following nobility families: Dianković, Gašpić, Hotković, Januš, Klinčić, Krajač, Marković, Mrklić, Mavrić, Oštriharić, Orlovič, Orčinić and Skalić.

Peasants at that time still haven’t had firmly established surnames, but there are some that were mentioned which exist today: Blašković, Bošnjak, Brajković, Burić, Butković, Dragišić (Dragšić), Drašković, Franković (Franković), Grdešić (Grdasić, Grdečić), Grgurić, Grdić, Jelenac (Jelenčić), Jurašić, Jurković, Kolić, Krizmanić, Kučinić, Lončarić, Luketić, Marković, Mavrović, Medved, Mihalić, Mihelić, Novačić, Plivelić (Plevelić), Salopek, Skočić i Stanišić (staničić). Those surnames qualify not just the oldest surnames from Ogulin area but also the oldest Croatian family surnames in existence.

The list of soldiers of Karlovac Military Border

Another valuable resource of genealogical data is the list of soldiers of Karlovac military border area from the year 1699, of which Ogulin captaincy was one of more important parts. It was written in German language with the latin alphabet. It comprises Ogulin, Oštarije, Modruš, Otok and Tounj settlements. The most common surnames were Beljan and Salopek.

A lot of valuable data on clans from that area can be found in a very well researched book “Ogulinsko-modruški rodovi” (Clans from Ogulin-Modruš) by Hrvoje Salopek.


Image: Rootmaker, Wikimedia Commons