Srima Genealogy

History of families from Srima

Srima Genealogy Research MapDue to efforts of Ante Ukić, a devoted Croatian genealogist, a tiny village of Srima (population 649) situated between Vodice and Šibenik became one of the most thoroughly researched settlements in Croatia concerning the history of it’s families.

In his account published in a form of a nicely ilustrated book, he tells a story of a relationship between Srima and a nearby island of Prvić whose fishermen reportedly started to inhabit Srima peninsula in the early 19th century.

Mijat, Grbelja and Skroza were the first families that permanently resided in Srima. Towards the end of the 19th century Grubelić, Kursar, Cukrov, Paškov, Vlahov and Antulov family names appear in Srima church records.

The author follows each of Srima clans, telling the story of each household that is found in Status Animarum records. He puts forth genealogy tables of all surnames already mentioned, as well as Antić, Jareb, Učić, Petković, Ferara and Ćular families.

Sources from which data are taken are primarily vital records (matične knjige) from Zadar State Archive and Catholich parishes of Prvić Luka and Prvić Šepurina at the island of Prvić.

Srima GenealogyCurrently, the following vital records for Srima exist and are available for researchers in Zadar State Archive: matične knjige rođenih (Birth records) 1829-1859, matične knjige vjenčanih (Marriage records) 1830-1859, stanja duša (Status Animarum) for early 19th century.

Catholic parish at the island of Prvić keeps the following records: matične knjige rođenih/krštenih (Birth/Baptismal records) 1790-1863, matične knjige umrlih (Death records) 1790-1862, matične knjige vjenčanih (Marriage records) 1812-1876, stanja duša (Status Animarun for the whole 19th century.

If you want to know more about the book “Korijeni – demografska povijest Srime” by Ante Ukić, please, visit our book section of the web site.