Croatian White Pages (Phone Directory)

Brand new Croatian Phone directory on-line

One of the greatest resources for Croatian genealogy researchers, Croatian On-line Phone directory (Telefonski imenik) has been recently thoroughly redesigned and updated. The biggest change is the inclusion of brand new interactive maps of Croatia, with detailed streets network as well as satelite pictures.

The new Phone directory has all features as the old one. However, those features are little differently arranged. Visitor can choose between English and Croatian interface by clicking Croatian or English flag in the “Language Sellection” area (upper right corner of the screen). Listing Croatian Phone Directory

The main Screen features two fields: “Who? What?” (“Tko? Što?”) and “Where?” (“Gdje?”). In the “Who? What?” field, a surname should be entered. “Where?” field helps the user to narrow the search to a certain city or region.

The most powerful feature is the Map section of the Phone directory. The list of results always has “Map” (“Karta”) button next to the name & the address. By clicking the button, the exact location of the person or the company opens on the screen.

We are preparing a tutorial which will guide you through the new Croatian Phone directory and help you as you look for surnames in your family tree. Please, check soon.