Genealogical Research of Croatian Nobility

Genealogical research of Croatian nobility

Croatian nobility, like the nobility in other European countries, originates from the feudal system that arose in the Middle Ages. It is a product of a relationship between a monarch and warriors who swore allegiance to their sovereign and promised to protect the country and the government in exchange for property favors (typically a piece of land and the peasants that lived on it).

From a genealogical researcher’s point of view, it is of a great worth and convenience to have a branch of nobility in someone’s family tree. Noblemen would usually record information about their consanguinity with great care. Thus, records about the family can go as far as the 15th century, or even earlier.

For those who are interested in the genealogical research of Croatian nobility, it may be worth to know that Croatian Nobility Assembly (Hrvatski plemićki zbor), the only association of living descendants of Croatian noblemen, is in a process of preparing supplements with histories of the nobility from Croatia.

In the past couple of years, more than 450 pages of material about 35 families have been produced. The goal of the association is to gather information about 60 families of Croatian noblemen by the year 2011. The collected data is planned to be published in a form of a book about Croatian nobility.

Image: Suradnik13, Wikimedia Commons