Croatian Genealogy Research

How to start searching for your Croatian ancestors

You may be having Croatian ancestry, but you know very little about them. You want to know more, but you don’t know how to start. Here we will give you some hints on how you can begin your quest. Actually, to begin researching your family history isn’t that hard. One just needs to have some disposition and a spare time. First step should always be to interview our living relatives about deceased forebears. It has been proven time and again that some of the best genealogy clues for further research comes through those who knew our descendants while they were still alive.

There are two pieces of information that can be of a great help to a genealogy researcher: birthdate and birthplace. Croatian vital records are fairly well preserved and in many cases microfilmed, so if we know those two data, it would be relatively easy to find out more.

If we cannot get the information from our living relatives, we should continue our endavor by looking into expatriational sources – vital records that had been created during the immigration proces of our ancestors. There are many resources available of that kind, many of which are accessible over the internet. Here you can find a list of links where such sources are available.