Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter G

Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter GHere is the list of Croatian surnames or family names that begin with the letter G (pronounced /g/). By clicking letters of the alphabet on the right side of the screen, you can access other surnames. You can access more information about each surname by clicking on a particular surname listed on the right side of the screen or by choosing a surname (family name) from the drop down menu:

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  1. Paul Gartner
    Paul Gartner / 12-23-2013 / ·

    Please add GRZAN
    My grandfather, Joe Grzan, emigrated to America around 1900 from the Slunj area. His brother, Tomo Grzan, came a decade or so later.
    Joe married my grandmother, Loretta Peffer, a woman of Pennsylvania German descent, in 1912. Hence GARTNER
    Paul Gartner

  2. Ivica
    Ivica / 7-7-2014 / ·

    GREGUREC, cesto u Donjoj Voci, odakle su u prvoj polovici doselili i u Zagreb.

  3. Linda Grgas
    Linda Grgas / 9-28-2014 / ·

    My family name isn’t on list we come from Zablace kod Sibenik Dalmatia Croatia. There are suffixes added to distinguish different “clans” in the same village

  4. Rachael
    Rachael / 2-27-2015 / ·

    My family is not on this list either. They were from Krk. Last name is Galantic.

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