Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter K

Croatian Surnames that Begin with the Letter KHere is the list of Croatian surnames or family names that begin with the letter K (pronounced /k/). By clicking letters of the alphabet on the right side of the screen, you can access other surnames. You can access more information about each surname by clicking on a particular surname listed on the right side of the screen or by choosing a surname (family name) from the drop down menu:

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  1. Donna Wetsel
    Donna Wetsel / 2-16-2014 / ·

    Hi,Your website is awesome! it’s helped me immensely in doing my daughter-in-law’s genealogy from Croatia.

    In researching Church Records in Radoboj, Krapinia, Croatia, I’ve come across the surname of Kantolick. I don’t see it listed on your website. I did a google search on it, and nothing comes up. It appears on the microfilm many times. Her line is Georgius Kantolick, and I’ve extracted his entire family from the milcrofilm. It states he is from Velika Ves, which is near Radoboj.
    The records is on

  2. Arben Kryzieu
    Arben Kryzieu / 2-27-2014 / ·

    can you please tell me if this is a Croatian last name?

  3. Ana Kukolja Smith
    Ana Kukolja Smith / 3-1-2014 / ·


  4. Letty
    Letty / 4-11-2014 / ·

    Kezele from Kuzelj Parish Marriages. Please add the proper Croatian name. Thank you! Kesele in Slovenian/Gottschee.

  5. Jim Miller
    Jim Miller / 7-21-2014 / ·

    I believe Krgacin should be added.

  6. Rikard Krvaric
    Rikard Krvaric / 7-24-2014 / ·

    Looking for information on KRVARIĆ and KRIĆANSKI family.
    They are my Father’s and Mother’s family from Dugo Selo (Hrebinac) and Zagreb.
    I have living family there, but am not sure how or where to look for records or grand parents, great grand parents, and more.

  7. Nadine
    Nadine / 8-13-2014 / ·

    I am looking for my GG grand mother’s home town somewhere in Yugoslavia. Julia(Kvitk)Gall b.1884 d.1953 in Canada. Don’t know where her husband was from. Her maiden name Kvitk does not come up on searches. This is what is spelled on her tombstone in Canada. Do you know a region in the former Yugoslavia that this surname comes from?

  8. Leo Krakan
    Leo Krakan / 8-20-2014 / ·

    Can you insert surname Krakan? Thank you.

  9. George Kasnic
    George Kasnic / 8-25-2014 / ·

    Would you please list Kasunic/Kahsoonich on your web site. There are many of them in and around Generalski Stol in Croatia. My Grand Father, Franjo Kasunic came from that town.

  10. Mike krupa
    Mike krupa / 11-27-2014 / ·

    I am looking for information on My great grandfathers home town, Baldjevina. He left in 1910. I know it was Austro-Hungarian Empire. His ethnicity was Croatia. Anything on Krupa in Croatia would help.

  11. Aaron Kercell
    Aaron Kercell / 12-9-2014 / ·

    Kerćell is my last name and I’m not sure which part
    Of Croatia my family is from. I’m pretty sure outside of Zagreb, but I could be mistaken.

  12. Renata Križnjak
    Renata Križnjak / 1-22-2015 / ·

    Please, Insert surname Križnjak. Thank you!

  13. Richard Pouzar
    Richard Pouzar / 3-5-2015 / ·

    I’m trying to find a reasonable spelling for my maternal grandmother’s maiden name. My parents’ generation (they are all gone now) had pronounced it as “Konzurak”, and the death certificate index shows “Konsurak” but it also misspelled her married name. Another reference on FamilySearch indicates it was “Kenyareck” which is probably a phonetic spelling where the “ny” is really “n” with a ha-chek. Have you ever come across any name that was in any way similar? Thanks.

  14. Maria Prado
    Maria Prado / 5-2-2016 / ·

    Could I kindly ask you to list Kuscevic – Kussevich on your web site. My Grand grand mother was Antisa Kuscevic

    Thank you

  15. Tom Maddox
    Tom Maddox / 7-25-2016 / ·

    Please tell me about Kvakan, My grandmothers name from Zagreb area

  16. Maria Korunich
    Maria Korunich / 8-21-2016 / ·

    Please add KORUNIĆ / KORUNICH – We are from Smokvica, Korcula on the Dalmatian coast. From what we know, we came there 700-900 years ago from northern Croatia. Before that we apparently came from somewhere near the Ukraine, crossing the Caspian Sea.



  17. Kenneth Miller
    Kenneth Miller / 3-12-2017 / ·

    What about Krbavac? From my research, it is the 7th most common name in Roč.

  18. Bill and kathleen keryan
    Bill and kathleen keryan / 4-6-2017 / ·

    Surname either Karajan or Kirijan

  19. Lynda04
    Lynda04 / 10-24-2017 / ·

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    takes a lot of time, but there is tool for this time consuming task, search for; Ssundee advices unlimited content for any blog

  20. Jennifer Johanson
    Jennifer Johanson / 10-8-2018 / ·

    Will you please include the surname Kravich? My family has been in Mihanici, Dubrovnik area for centuries.

  21. Nikola Parkhomchuk
    Nikola Parkhomchuk / 11-5-2018 / ·

    I think Parkhomchuk should be added to list of croatian last names because on my dna ethnicity test it showed I’m 95 percent Bosnian Croatian Serbian and my last name is Parkhomchuk is Parkhomchuk a Bosnian Croatian Serbian last name also because that is showing up on my dna test that Parkhomchuk had origins in Bosnia Croatia Serbia and I’m Zero percent from Russia Belarus and Ukraine and I’m not Jewish 🙂

  22. Bobbie Kadavi
    Bobbie Kadavi / 12-5-2018 / ·

    Is there a name Kadavi or Kadavy

  23. Chris Gersic
    Chris Gersic / 1-30-2019 / ·

    Please add surname Kireta

  24. Nedjeljko Kegalj
    Nedjeljko Kegalj / 12-17-2019 / ·

    Prisutni su u većini hrvatskih županija, u 16 gradova i 18 manjih naselja, najviše u Cisti Velikoj Imotska krajina (80), Splitu (65), Zagrebu (30), Rijeci (15), te u Osijeku (15).
    Prezime Kegalj (uključujući: Kegaly, Cheghaly i Kegali) prisutno je u 9 država širom svijeta. “Kegaly” nosi manji broj osoba u Americi.

  25. Tom Kortizija
    Tom Kortizija / 12-21-2020 / ·

    Any information on the “Kortizija” name? Family from Konavle/Dubrovnik area for several hundred years but
    very few now in Hrvatska

  26. Lisa A Murphy
    Lisa A Murphy / 8-21-2021 / ·

    My great-grandmother was Aloyzia Kajfes from Brlog, Lika-Senj

    HILDA KOSOVICH / 1-25-2022 / ·

    you are missing my last name KOSOVIC from ZADAR

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