ĆURKOVIĆ /churkovich/

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Frequency in population of Croatia: 1.440 (337th Most Frequent)

The Curkovic name is believed to have derived from the word ‘curak’ (fur coat).

The earliest mention of the surname is recorded in 1660. At this time, the family is mentioned among those new families from the Petrovo Polje and Zagora areas that settled in the liberated town of Klis.

In Perusic near Benkovac, the Curkovic family is first mentioned in 1691 as new settlers from Zemunik.

The Curkovic families in Zadar are descended from those Albanian families from today’s Montenegro that fled Ottoman persecution in 1726. Their original surname was Margieci.

After the Sinj War of 1714-18, the Curkovic families begin to spread into Bosnia and Hercegovina. In 1741, they are mentioned in Vinica (in today’s Tomislavgrad region). From there and other areas of Dalmatia, they spread further inland.

While most Curkovic families are traditionally of Catholic faith, there are also some Orthodox families in Bosansko Grahovo, Glamoc and Banja Luka.