ŽIC /zhits/

This web page contains information about Croatian surname or family name ŽIC. Anyone who knows anything about the origin of this surname or about the history of ŽIC family may leave the message in the comment section of this page. Thank you!

Frequency in population of Croatia: 781 (804th Most Frequent)

Largest number of persons with that surname in:
Punat (255), Rijeka (134), Krk (37), Supetarska Draga at Island of Rab (19)

History. Žic family name originates from Punat, Island of Krk, Croatia. In the Catholic Church records dates back to the 1500’s. There were so many persons with that surname in Punat that they took additional surnames, one of which was Klasić.

Almost three hundred persons with the Žic surname are listed in the Ellis Island records. The majority were from Punat (Ponte) / Kornic (Chornichia), and a few from other towns on the Island of Krk.

Before World War II many Žic immigrants had their name changed to Zitz when they arrived in the USA. They lived in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Later immigrants kept the spelling as Zic.