MANDURIĆ /mandurich/

This web page contains information about Croatian surname or family name MANDURIĆ. Anyone who knows anything about the origin of this surname or about the history of MANDURIĆ family may leave the message in the comment section of this page. Thank you!

Frequency in population of Croatia: 134

Largest number of persons with that surname in:
Zagreb City (24), Đakovo (19), Sesvete (13), Brijest near Osijek (11), Sredanci near Donji Andrijevci (8), Jesenice near Dugi Rat (7), Kešinci near Semeljci (6)

Mandurić surname originates from Posušje area in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It had been formed about three hundred years ago. The most famous person bearing that surname was a Catholic missionary Zvonko Mandurić (born in Čitluk near Posušje in 1898, died in Chicago in 1970). He was the first Catholic priest that preached among Croats in Canada. From 1930 until his death he is active in Croatian Catholic parishes across the US. He was the abbot of the Chicago Monastery.