ŠIMUNOVIĆ /shimunovich/

This web page contains information about Croatian surname or family name ŠIMUNOVIĆ. Anyone who knows anything about the origin of this surname or about the history of ŠIMUNOVIĆ family may leave the message in the comment section of this page. Thank you!

Frequency in population of Croatia: 3.732 (68th Most Frequent)

Largest number of persons with that surname in:
Zagreb (487), Split (137), Dubrovnik (106), Rijeka (94), Osijek (79), Godinjak near Staro Petrovo Selo (71), Slavonski Brod (56), Otok near Split (54), Metković (47), Nova Mokošica near Dubrovnik (47), Donji Slatnik Podcrkavlje (44), Sesvete (42), Delnice (40), Stilja near Vrgorac (40)

Possible meaning: the root of this patronimic surname is Šimun which is a Croatian version of the biblical first name Simon, with two suffixes “-ov” meaning “of Simon” and the suffix “-ić” which is formative surname suffix in South Slavic languages.

Šimunović family name among Croatian immigrants in the USA can be found in the variant Shemunovich.